Banana Sushi

This is a cute idea for kids, or even adults (can you imagine a fancy tea party with fruit sushi?). Not only is it super easy to make, the possibilities are endless. You can top these with fruity pebbles, peanuts, sprinkles or chia seeds. Simply dip your banana in chocolate, add toppings and let set. Then cut into even slices and serve with chopsticks.

Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This recipe can be tweaked to use any topping you’d like. It makes a yummy savory side dish to a main course, or a quick and easy lunch entrée.

2 sweet potatoes or yams
Coconut oil or olive oil
Fresh arugula
1 can chickpeas/garbanzo beans
Cumin powder
Feta cheese
Juice of one lemon


Preheat oven to 450F. Cut sweet potatoes in half lengthwise and place on a greased baking sheet face down for 20-30 minutes or until soft. Drain and wash chickpeas and sprinkle them with salt and spices to taste. In a medium saucepan heat oil and add chickpeas until golden in color, about 6-7 minutes. Remove potatoes from the oven. Top with arugula, chickpeas, feta and sprinkle with lemon juice or your favorite sauce. Enjoy!


An Introduction..

For any new followers I would love to introduce myself and thank you for coming along on this journey with me! The last few years I have created a cookbook here, have become self taught in the kitchen and behind the camera, and started my own little business as a recipe creator and food photographer. My dream is to help small food and health food companies launch their products to the world using vivid photographs and unique recipes. After working in the corporate world for the majority of my adult life, I’m excited to explore this passion and see where it takes me. Thanks again for joining me!


Mini Easter Cupcakes

With Easter around the corner, it’s time to pick out that seasonal, (and easy!) treat the family will love. While there are countless cakes and adorable bunny creations this time of year, I prefer less work but major payoff..ha! So I found a cute recipe with mini cupcakes inside an egg carton- genius! To make it even easier you can use store bought cake mix (it will yield about 40+ mini cupcakes) and store bought cream cheese frosting, although I made my own here for a more homemade touch. The toppings are shaved dark chocolate using a vegetable peeler and a white Cadbury white chocolate egg. Ta-da! Easy peasy and a dessert guests of all ages will love.

IMG_8746 (1)

Nature’s Candy Smoothies

We love smoothies around here because they are kid-friendly healthy and delish but I feel like I keep making the same ones over and over. I would love to see what everyone’s making in their own kitchens while I share mine below:

Pink – 2-3 strawberries, 1 blackberry, 1/2 cup almond milk, honey

Green – 1 frozen banana, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup almond milk, honey

Yellow – 1 mandarin, 1 tsp turmeric, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup almond milk, honey and ice

Purple – 1/4 cup blackberries, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup almond milk, honey

White – 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup chia, 1 banana, honey


image1 (2)

Food Styling Items I’m Loving Right Now

As a food blogger and food photographer, it’s imperative to find beautiful serve ware and dining sets to showcase my food creations. Luckily, I found a ton great products at Dinner Charm including wooden bowls, rustic spoons, and colorful ramekins for my desserts! Here is a roundup of my favorites!

Wood Bamboo Bowl

Perfect for guests, these wooded bowls hold items like nuts or popcorn all while being stylish and eco-friendly.


Wood Serving Spoon

This is a must in every kitchen, the beautiful wooden spoon. It’s functional, stylish and great to pop in your own food photographs for an added, rustic touch.


High Temperature Ceramic Dessert Cups

No matter what you put in these adorable cups, the pastel colors will make it pop. Since they are high heat-safe you can use them for soufflés, crème brulee or even panna cottas. Yum!


Luxurious Golden Stainless Steel Flatware

Take your average dinner up a notch with these gorgeous gold flatware set. Don’t forget a few extra sets for the whole family.



Why I Love Black Oil Mouthwash!

Have you heard of black oil mouthwash? It’s the newest beauty secret everyone’s raving about and I love it.

It tastes delicious and helps whiten teeth, leaves your mouth feeling fresh, kills the bacteria that causes decay, helps lower saliva pH to promote tooth remineralization, reduces plaque, and soothes sore gums.

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