Braided Cinnamon Roll Wreath

With Christmas around the corner, I am giddy with all the baking possibilities up ahead. I really love a good cinnamon roll, but I’m always wary about the excess sugar and butter in store-bought rolls. Here, I used this recipe by Totally Love It, and estimate the calories to be about 300-400 calories per serving, which is a far cry from almost 1,000 calories for a classic Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Although it’s still an indulgent treat, I feel that sometimes it’s worth it, especially around the holidays. Not to mention your home will be smelling like cinnamon sugar for hours. Yum!

Winter Polar Bear Gingerbread

With the holidays right around the corner, I couldn’t help but get into the spirit with soft and chewy gingerbread bears. They add just the right amount of festive charm to your table, and you can snack on them with your morning coffee or after a meal.¬†After trying out different gingerbread recipes, I found¬†this one yielded the softest dough with the right amount of spice.

My son is going to learn all about hibernation soon at his preschool so these will make adorable little take-away gifts for the kids!