Exploring Saint Remy de Provence, France

If you are a foodie in France and want some authentic French cuisine alone with an impeccable night’s stay I highly recommend checking out Le Chateau des Alpilles in Saint Remy de Provence. It is a charming place with gorgeous design in every room, a spacious pool and an amazing on-site restaurant that allows you to sit outside, listen to the cicadas and sip your favorite wine.

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10 French Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s no secret the French know their desserts. They are the creators of the ever-popular macaron and the masters of sophisticated crème brûlée. But France has much more up its culinary sleeve that rivals even the classic confections you’ve come to love. Here, we’ve uncovered 10 new, tasty recipes that will be contenders for the next “IT” French dessert.

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Feature Image by: The Bojon Gourmet